30 marzo 2009

Wale - The Kramer

Pues ya que a Muzak le ha dado por el rap, voy a seguir yo con Kale, un rapero de Baltimore del que a decir verdad sólo conozco esto, pero que tiene muy buena pinta. El título de su mixtape "The Mixtape About Nothing", es una referencia a la serie Seinfeld, posiblemente la serie de TV con la que más me he reído jamás, y de la que el propio Kale es fan... "The Kramer", el tema central, trata de Michael Richards, que interpretaba a Kramer en esa serie, y que el año pasado fue grabado el video mientras se le iba la olla de mala manera al pobre, y dedicaba insultos racistas a un par de chavales negros que le estaban hundiendo el show. (Moraleja: No pienses burradas. Si las piensas, no las digas. Si las dices, que no te oigan. Y si te oyen, vas listo, macho, que hoy en día te graban en video en cualquier parte...). La carrera de Richards ya no iba a ningún sitio, lo que es una suerte para él, porque después de esto, lo iba a tener bastante crudo. La visión de Kale al respecto llama también la atención, porque (puede que por ser fan de la serie, no lo sé), aunque le mete caña, no hace sangre con él, y es bastante explicativa en cuanto a como llevan el tema del racismo por ahí...

Video y letras a continuación... (El video es de un fan, pero es perfecto)

[Intro - Michael Richards]
Shut up! 50 years ago, they'd have you upside down with a fucking fork up your ass! You can talk, you can talk, you can talk, you're brave now, motherfucker! Who's loud talking? The nigger! He's a nigger! He's a nigger! A nigger, look, there's a nigger!

The color of my skin, content of my character,
Dream of a King's been a nightmare for anyone
White with a badge or anyone
Slightly affected by the tide to this race that I'm running in,
Pardon me, y'all, the racists I run against,
The race war, when its us against all of them,
They subconsciously low talk us,
And probably all think as Kramer did still but won't talk it,
And first off, I ain't trying to be conscious,
Speaking heart with a conscious, talking to you,
This dark content for those of dark complexion,
Who's x-ed off, Rip, who gon' listen to us?
Who gon' speak for us? Who gon' plead for us?
Who gon' be the Head N.I.C. for us?
Who gon' defend us from crooked police on us?
I'm just an insecure N.I.G. er...

Please listen to me, please listen to me,
Please listen to me, N.I.G. er...
Please listen to me, who gon' listen to me?
Who gon' listen to me, N.I.G. er...
Listen to me, who gon' listen to me?
Who gon' listen to me, N.I.G. er...
Who gon' listen to me, who gon' listen to me?
Who gon' listen to me, N.I.G.

And P say that I should stop saying nigga,
But if I did, what would be the difference?
I'd still be a nigga, he'd still be a nigga in his feelings,
I'd still be a nigga with no deal tryna get one,
There'd still be niggas out killing,
And still be white people still out to get us,
And still be niggas saying whites tryna get us,
And still be lazy and paranoid niggas,
I'm paramount, nigga, I am, and you can't be mad,
Cuz I choose the word nigga, lemme air it out, nigga,
Nigga ain't bad, see, niggas just had,
A clever idea to take something They said,
Into something we have, something we flipped
Into something with swag, nigga, don't be mad,
Bitches ain't shit, but women ain't bitches,
See, women are the queens, and bitches just bitches,
And bitches say bitch like bitch is not offensive,
When niggas say bitch, all of the sudden, they offended,
And niggas say nigga to a nigga,
A nigga write nigga in a lyric, expect the white boy to omit it,
The white boy spit it like he spit it,
Recite it to his friends who, by the way, ain't niggas,
And say nigga, nigga, nigga, my favorite rapper did it,
And non-nigga friends got it with him,
Incorporate this lyric to their everyday living,
Until a black friend kinda hear it, just a tidbit,
He thinks Aw, forget it, its so insignificant and little,
The white boy sees this as a clearance, now its
Nigga, nigga, nigga, every single day,
And that little nigga nigga, thinks its okay,
And he's the only nigga in this particular grade,
And it begins to phase him more each day,
The things they say went a little too far,
He couldn't tell the difference between an a or er,
So they just keep going, saying nigga in his face,
There's nothing he can do, he let it get away,
It came to the point he couldn't look 'em in the face,
The mirror made him hurl, his reflection disgraceful,
Yeah, and make sure everything you say,
Can't be held against you in any kind of way,
And any connotation is viewed many ways,
Cuz under every nigga, there's a little bit of Kramer,
Self-hatred...I hate you...and myself...

[Outro - Michael Richards]
Uh, I lost my temper onstage, I was at, uh, a comedy club trying to, um, do my act and I got heckled and I, I, I took it badly and went into a, a rage...and uh, uh...said some pretty, uh...nasty things to some Afro-Americans, a lot of trash talk...for this to happen, for me to be in a comedy club and flip out and say this crap, you know, I'm...I'm deeply, deeply sorry...

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Mima, cambio radical os veo a los dos ¿eh?

Pues nada, me meto a popero y suelto una de Talk Talk - Talk Talk. ¡Hala!

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